December 17, 2017

Our Serviceability area has expanded greatly. We have qualified technical, sales, and consulting staff strategically positioned throughout Northern California. From ClearLake to King City and the Coast to Sacramento, Stockton and even Fresno. This is exciting because we do not advertise our services. This growth is solely attributed to word of mouth. We clearly demonstrate our long term commitments and healthy development of a successful working relationship with the client in mind. Our clientele includes some of the countries most influential and successful companies as well as the Small Business owner. Inclusion of a wide variety of industries allows us to be versatile. This versatility ensures our ever growing knowledge of Technology. Budget, best interest, and quality are just some of the cornerstones that CTS is built on. A foundation such as ours is unbelievably rare. Contact us today to move your business to the Comp Tech team (866) 688-8626