CTS stands for Computer Technical Services. We provide products and services related to Low Voltage, Security Services, Computer Management and Maintenance, and Audio/Video services. We can consult with you on services and products for your business or home.

CTS was founded on the principal that the products and services we provide should not be purchased from a shopping cart at a big box store. Instead, we feel you deserve the professional touch and not some high school student with an appointment window of 4 hours.

Nothing, zero, zilch. We do not charge to evaluate your project and make recommendations.

We typically have availability Monday – Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Call and schedule with us today.

We don’t like being “sold” either, in fact we don’t like selling. We actively offer recommendations that have nothing to do with CTS or our services. This means we don’t always sell CTS when we make a recommendation.

There is a good portion of what we offer that we do not charge for. To get a truly accurate estimate though, we would like the opportunity to see and discuss with you the project at hand.

We strive to listen and apply our knowledge to your project. We do not recommend products just because we have it in stock or because it is easier to do. We also, feel and often times can demonstrate that our service is superior to some other company’s quality of work.

Yes, we have many customers that have asked to be available for this very reason, to be an honest resource for others. We not only strive for satisfaction but instead we aim to vastly exceed expectations.

We currently are 6 people strong and growing. Typically, the person you meet and speak with is the person that will service you or your business. CTS thrives on offering that personal touch we believe the small business and residential user deserves. That was the founding ideology Jose and Joel wanted to illustrate with the creation of CTS.

We can supply instructions for your particular device, or we can program it for you. After all, this is what we do, you shouldn’t have to worry about programming anything when you have CTS.

In short, absolutely. Whether you are looking to save money or time, we can offer service to not only meet your expectations but be feature rich beyond what today’s traditional phone service costs.

Cloud Desktop is a service that is ideal for a user or business that would like to lower the operating costs while maintaining the core functionality of the computer system. While The cloud Desktop Service is not ideal for the hard core gamer, it excels in the day to day operations like surfing the internet, running Microsoft Office, and other system resources.

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Here at CompTechServices our normal day of business includes the flourishing of a relationship worthy of recommendation.

A relationship in which you will want everyone you know to work with us based on our professionalism and over all commitment to our customers.