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Home Audio Systems:

  • Custom Audio tailored systems. From a system to fill ambient sound in a room or throughout your home to a high fidelity theater system that brings the audio alive.
  • State of the art systems at competitive pricing. Economical solutions to fit every desire from an audiophile.
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Home Video Systems:

  • Standard video options like a television on a stand, to extravagant theater systems that will impress you.
  • Every system is custom configured to its application and viewers perspective.
  • Simplistic designs greatly increase the value you will see in every system.
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Home Automation and Control Systems:

  • Take control of the energy in your home with our energy management systems.
  • Lighting, audio, video, HVAC, and electricity usage can all be controlled individually or together.
  • Smart Meter integration and energy conservation scenes available.
  • Lighting scenes based on time of day, weather conditions, and user (his and hers) preferences.
  • Vast mobile device and local keypad options available. A design for everyone.
  • Technical know how and education is standard with every project.
  • We don’t just guess as to what is needed in a project, we professionally engineer design plans.

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