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Location: Silicon Valley, California

Southbay Construction

Since 1978, South Bay Construction has been a leader in Northern California construction development. We have a reputation built on trust, delivered by being committed, honest, and passionate. Leveraging over 40 years of experience, we communicate in an honest, straightforward manner, and we hire smart, ethical professionals. We provide comprehensive construction services with a driven, get-it-done mentality, always backing up our word.

We also have a deep understanding of the construction issues that drive Bay Area development, and are therefore well-versed in office, R&D, high tech, clean tech, retail, hospitality, and mixed-use construction. We have embraced sustainable construction trends that promote a greener, healthier Bay Area. In an ever changing economy, South Bay Construction is a reliable partner.

  • Infrastructure Installation Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Video Security Systems
  • Large Venue Audio and Video Systems
  • Technical Integration Services
  • Consulting Services